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The Biomex Labs pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is located in a green suburban area. The total number of employees working at the enterprise is 40 people. The company has existed since 2001 and is successfully engaged in the production and sale of various types of pharmaceutical products, veterinary and human use.

Biomex Labs Pharmaceutical Factory is a very small, but rather well-established company (in the market for more than 15 years). It specializes in the production and sale of medicines for various purposes, both for human and veterinary use. Despite the small staff (about 40 people) and not very large production facilities, the company successfully operates in the pharmaceutical business. She has established herself among colleagues and consumers, and is GMP certified.

The factory is located near Chisinau, has four production lines. The untagged air of the suburbs of Moldova and decent ecology (including clean water) play a significant role in ensuring the quality of manufactured drugs. However, the main thing is the professionalism of employees, which is confirmed and supported by a special system of continuous staff training. In addition, quality control is strictly organized, both for production cycles and for finished drugs.

Own laboratory, founded about five years ago, is equipped with the latest equipment, equipped with modern reagents, which allows its specialists to prevent production defects.


Biomex Labs produces a wide range of drugs:

  • Hormonal drugs.
  • Steroid drugs.
  • Vitamin complexes.
  • Medicines
  • Preparations for the treatment of animals.

Safe AAS used in sports include: Naposim, Turinover, Androver and Stanover. To simplify the procedure for registration of drugs, as well as significantly reduce tax costs, Vermoji began to produce steroids for people and animals under the same name, since in their structure they do not differ from each other, and the difference is only in dosages.

Groups of Biomex Labs Drugs Used in Sports Pharmacology

The company produces a number of drugs - peptides, hormones, anabolic steroids. Products are available in various forms, very convenient for use - these are ampoule, tablet and vial products.

Testosterone preparations have proven themselves: testers (TESTOVER), peptides (Vermomix BODY MASS), anabolic drugs (TURINOVER). A number of drugs have received awards for quality and effectiveness from the government and the Ministry of Health of the country.

The authenticity of the drug is the key to its safety and effectiveness, so the buyer must be sure of this

Biomex Labs Reviews

Products from the manufacturer Biomex Labs quickly won the attention of athletes interested in sports pharmacology, as the price is pretty decent, and the quality, as it turned out, is also at a good level. Biomex Labs steroid reviews of some batches often have a negative rating, as some drugs are supposedly “non-working”, or the amount of active substance in them does not correspond to the declared. However, this may well be explained by the large number of fakes that flooded the market.

For a better presentation, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the story of Vadim 'Do4a' Ivanov about the history of the company, the wars with Pharmacom Labs and counterfeit products. A report on the analysis of drugs for compliance with the amount of active substance starts from 17 minutes (the quality of many drugs really was not up to par, so negative reviews about Biomex Labs are justified).

However, given the complex relationship between Biomex Labs and Daughter, his opinion can hardly be considered impartial. So it's up to you.

On the other hand, it should be noted that radjay is rumored to be a subsidiary of Biomex Labs. Experience with turinabol from the company radjay showed that there is no active substance in the product. Draw your own conclusions.