British Dragon Pharmaceutical

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The British Dragon Pharmaceutical company was formed in 1999 in the Thai city of Pattaya by the two founders Edwin Crowley and Ashley Livingston. When choosing the products of this particular company, one should pay particular attention to the name of the manufacturer, since there is also a company with the almost identical name British Dragon Pharmaceutical Limited "(Ltd). But this is a Chinese brand. The company was registered much later - in 2005 and in Hong Kong.

Products from Thailand purposefully distributed in the European market and the markets of the Middle East. Depending on the region of sales, a special sticker of a certain color spectrum was glued on the bottles. British Dragon did not stop there and quite successfully entered the American market.

Unusual company history

The company developed incredibly fast, production was put on stream, profit was simply leaps and bounds. No complicated fixtures, everything is as simple and clear as possible. Steroids were made in Thailand, and packaged on the spot - packing oral preparations, spilling oil into bottles transported in plastic. So in 2004, the company was able to invest in its own production complex.

The rapid success of the British Dragon did not go unnoticed by law enforcement officers of North America. Law clashes first occurred in the United States in 2006. Almost a year later, an arrest warrant was already prepared for the owners of the company. But Crowley and Livingston in Thailand had to endure this fate first. In the spring of 2008, they were escorted to prison. This year was marked by the collapse of the British dragon labs led by Crowley and Livingston, and the discovery of British Dragon Pharmaceutical only under the auspices of hitherto unknown persons. We can say a kind of rebranding. Such a restructuring occurred with the company thanks to Ashley Livingston, who sold the production before his arrest. But the company's products, released after 2008, were considered to be fake.

A few words about the creators of the company

At this, the activities of Edwin Crowley in sports pharmacology was completed. After a long confrontation with the American authorities, he was still extradited to the United States. The verdict was announced in the spring of 2011 - 20 years in prison, 5 years of probation and a million dollars, as a fine. Crowley managed to stay in custody for only four months. He was hospitalized. Three years in prison in Thailand were hard for him, which completely deprived him of his health. In the circle of family and friends, he soon died.

With Ashley Livingston, things were different. Due to close contact with the American investigation and evidence against Crowley, in the spring of 2010 he was sentenced to 2 years in prison, of which he served only five months and was released.

New brand with an old name

Ashley Livingston no longer led the British Dragon. Who today owns the rights to own the company remains a mystery. According to some reports, Livingston himself is currently collaborating with the European pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. In the old days, they well mastered the European market, especially Moldavian and Romanian. It has been suggested that the modern British Dragon company is owned by Asia Carner Michael Carner. But, no matter who the new owners of the company are, they invest in its development with full dedication.

Representatives of the new British Dragon focus on the fact that the modern company is completely unrelated to the former. But new drugs give themselves away - their names have not changed at all. The packaging has changed - the tablets are sorted into jars of plastic and placed in cardboard packaging, like injection drugs.

We identify the official manufacturer

There are online sources that link to the British Dragon pharmaceutical company as an official manufacturer. Facts are needed in order to accept or refute this statement. There are no exact confirmations, but there are some indicators that characterize a manufacturer with a license or its absence:

  1. Injectable drugs are produced in ampoules or bottles of only 2 ml - this is enough for a single use. British Dragon produces bottles with a capacity of 10 ml, which does not meet the established standards.
  2. In oral ACC (does not apply to Oxydrol) and injectable (nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone phenylpropionate, nandrolone undecanoate), the active substance is overestimated, which contradicts the pharmacopeia standards.
  3. Boldenone undecylenate and trenbolone acetate are not produced for humans.

It is also believed that the pharmaceutical company British Dragon Labs produces products for veterinary institutions. Despite the improvement in the quality of drugs, the company is still in the back ranks.

What is the difference between British Dragon product quality

Some thoughts suggest that the original product of the company was characterized as a high-quality product after repeated laboratory analysis. The concentration of the active substance was recorded in excess of indicators in comparison with the declared value. Perhaps this is due to a quality raw material base, without third-party impurities from China.

But any drugs, especially sports pharmacology, have always been able to professionally fake. Domestic underground workers also did this. And the product of the company British dragon labs was not difficult to fake before. Protection practically did not exist - an easily copied hologram and original caps on bottles that consumers almost did not notice. But today, the company has significantly strengthened the protective barrier against fraudsters. A beautiful hologram hides the original code - the BD-PSS code. You need to go to the manufacturer’s official website and enter the code there. Just a few minutes and you will be sure that you are holding in your hands not a fake, but the original.

When buying, carefully consider the integrity of the package. All products must be in proper presentation without damage.

British Dragon Reviews

It is impossible to give an accurate assessment of the company and its preparations. Inexperienced athletes often become victims of fraudsters and acquire fake drugs that cause only a storm of emotions from unrealized expectations. Under the brand, British Dragon Pharmaceutical continues to sell anything just the way it was before.

Professionals in their responses give a more impartial assessment of ACC British Dragon. They recommend the company as a budget manufacturer, and at the same time risky. The clandestine workshops continue to work actively, drugs of a wide assortment do not lose their demand. But the products are 25% weak for the active substance, which is not enough in it. The drug remains effective.