Cambridge Research

Cambridge Research anabolics are available at our steroid store at a good price.

Cambridge Research, an Iranian pharmaceutical manufacturer, specializes in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of humans and animals, as well as AAS for use in sports. Today, the company is a monopolist in the Iranian market, and its property rights belong to the state, which controls the quality of products.

In 1965, Cambridge Research was registered as a subsidiary of the Schering concern located in Germany and was called “Berlimed of Iran”. Cambridge Research renamed the company in 1981.

Preparations are made using modern equipment, which allows you to accurately calculate the dosage of each component at the initial stage of production. The quality of medicines meets European standards and OHSAS. The preparations are completely safe for human health, complying with ISO 14001 standards.

For the manufacture of drugs, the company uses only high-quality and purified from impurities raw materials supplied from trusted suppliers.


The manufacturer carefully monitors the quality and distribution of its products, so fake drugs are found in isolated cases. Each product has a special code and holograms that cannot be faked. If you wish, the originality of the goods can be checked on the official website of the company by entering the code.

Note that, despite the high quality, drugs can be purchased at very low prices on this site with a quality guarantee. To order goods, you must fill out a short order form or call us at the numbers indicated on the website.


Steroids from Cambridge Research are very popular among athletes, possessing high androgenic and anabolic properties, drugs allow athletes to quickly build mass, conduct high-quality drying, increase endurance and strength.

The list of known drugs includes: Testosterone, Stanozolol, Clomid, Proviron, Gonadotropin, Methane, Sustanon, Anastrozole, Cabergoline, Boldenone, Clenbuterol, Masteron, Letrozole, Oxymetholone, Citomel, Fluoxymesterone, Exemestane and others.

Also, the manufacturer makes fortified complexes and sports nutrition, which allows athletes to maintain health and eat properly during courses. The effect of taking steroids is felt instantly, while despite the ability of some AAS to aromatize, adverse reactions are extremely rare, which confirms the high quality of the product.

Cambridge Research is constantly developing new, more effective drugs; medicines are only available on the market after extensive research and testing, as well as approval by international health organizations.


Reviews about Cambridge Research only confirm the quality of the drugs, athletes focus on the acceptable cost of steroids and their high effectiveness. In this case, adverse reactions occur only in athletes who have individual intolerance to the active component of AAS.