ISIS Pharmaceuticals

In our steroid store you can buy ISIS Pharmaceuticals anabolics at a good price.

In the world of big sports, auxiliary drugs are considered a necessity, since they provide significant assistance in preparing for sporting events or maintaining excellent physical shape in the offseason. The choice of a pharmacological agent that will simultaneously be effective and at the same time not show the opposite side of the action in the form of side effects is a responsible matter. For this reason, professional athletes prefer to buy drugs from trusted manufacturers. One such company is ISIS Pharmaceuticals.

Company Description ISIS Pharmaceuticals

ISIS Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company that has existed on the world market for 40 years. In 1976, a pharmaceutical company was established in India. Throughout its lifetime, the company has been able to achieve success and consumer recognition in many countries.

The assortment of the company includes almost all anabolic drugs known in the sports world. The products are fully certified and meet the norms and standards of regulatory organizations. High quality is ensured not only by supporting documents, but also by full control by a special service that checks every stage of production, starting with the purchase of raw materials and ending with the delivery of products to the final consumer. For this reason, all ISIS Pharmaceuticals products are premium drugs.

The official website of the company is freely available and provides everyone with complete information about the activities, achievements, responsibilities and assortment of the company. Having been on the market for a long time, ISIS Pharmaceuticals has been able to gain the trust of many athletes around the world. The only drawback is the price, because before they enter the domestic markets, drugs are forced to go through many intermediaries.


A distinctive feature of ISIS Pharmaceuticals is the fact that it positions itself as a full-cycle company. This means that all production stages, from raw materials to logistics, carry out the corresponding services of the company. This helps to keep under control the release of anabolic drugs and bear full responsibility to the consumer for the quality of manufactured products and their safe action.

All production facilities are located in one place - India. Innovative developments and constant work on improving the process makes it possible to produce high-quality products. Research and tests conducted by the relevant departments of the company help to understand what qualities of drugs can be improved and with what tools it can be done.

Thanks to a responsible approach to production and constant monitoring, a product goes on sale that has a powerful anabolic effect with no side effects. The form of release of the company's products is not limited to tablets. Among the drugs, you can purchase the option that will be most acceptable to each athlete individually - it can be injectable steroids, as well as funds in the form of a suspension.

Products and their quality

In order to see the entire range of ISIS Pharmaceuticals products, it is recommended to visit the official website of the company. Each athlete will be able to find among the proposed choice a drug that will fully meet individual requirements and characteristics. Professional athletes who have experience in using special tools can afford to choose more powerful and expensive drugs. Novice athletes or just sports enthusiasts can purchase products that will have a less aggressive effect, exerting a mild effect on the body.

The most popular injectable drugs:

  • Boldenone
  • Drostanol
  • Libol
  • Nandrobol
  • Stanozol
  • Androbol
  • Testoprol
  • Testenol
  • Trenol Depot

Among oral agents, pronabol, stanodrol, turinadrol and clomidol are considered the most common.

Due to the difficulties of acquiring original products, fake products with the company logo applied to them are increasingly appearing on the market. In order to protect their own reputation, ISIS Pharmaceuticals has developed a security code system. Each drug is marked with a special code, which makes it possible to check information about the purchased drug on the official website. The combination can be conducted only once, which excludes reuse by fraudsters.

Reviews on ISIS Pharmaceuticals

Reviews of ISIS Pharmaceuticals are easy to find online. Many athletes already had the opportunity to experience the effects of the company's drugs. Original anabolic drugs, although they are notable for their high cost, fully justify the material costs by their effect on the body. Professional athletes note the effectiveness of the drugs: a significant increase in all indicators, as well as improving the physical and emotional state of the course. In addition, you can buy ISIS Pharmaceuticals products because of these advantages:

  • worldwide recognition of the company's products.
  • fully localized production.
  • a wide range of steroid drugs and other stimulant drugs.
  • innovative developments and constant work on the search for new solutions and formulas.
  • multi-level verification at all stages of production.
  • reliable protection against counterfeit.
  • great reputation.

Some of the company's products are notable for their non-standard dosage, which requires additional adjustments by the athlete. Independent change in any direction of the permissible norms can lead to side effects. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends, and athletes confirm that the best option will be control by professional trainers throughout the course.

The individual characteristics of each athlete, both physical and emotional, must be taken into account when calculating the required amount of the drug. The same rule applies to the goals that are planned to be achieved using pharmacological aids.