Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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The leading positions in the pharmaceutical market belong to extremely successful companies that have gained a reputation for years by producing high-quality and effective products. Among the world giants, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals stands out, known in the world of sports and medicine as a responsible manufacturer of medicines.

Company Description Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical company Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has existed for 75 years and during this long period has been constantly working to improve its own technologies and innovative solutions in the field of pharmaceutical production. The head office is located in Bulgaria, from where all deliveries are made to many countries around the world. Distinctive characteristics of the product is quality at a low cost, which explains its presence in every pharmacy or hospital.

The product range includes most pharmaceutical groups. The company made sure that almost all of them were registered and received relevant documents of an international standard in more than 30 countries in Eurasia and America.

The company’s specialists do not stop working constantly in order to replenish the market with new drugs that can cope with the most serious diseases. This is favorably facilitated by the availability of appropriate production capacities and their division into six separate highly specialized plants:

  • Kalpa Pharmaceuticals - Vrabevo.
  • Pharmaceutical substance.
  • Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics.

The presence of its own center of research activity allows the company to achieve new results in development and constantly improve the results. The potential of innovative solutions is not exhausted, and this means that the company can create new pharmacological products that can bring health to a whole new level.

The multi-stage control to which all products are subjected has become a guarantee that each drug has excellent quality, and each employee efficiently and responsibly performs his tasks. Our own logistics center provides timely and quick delivery to each customer. Any of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals' services is debugged, which was made possible thanks to a well-built corporate policy.

Company production

The creation and production of medicines is a high-tech process that must meet certain requirements and standards. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has the appropriate certificates and permits, which allows us to constantly expand and modernize our production facilities and production lines. Over the past few years, the pharmaceutical company has managed to build additional workshops and factories that produce drugs in various forms.

Production in each individual workshop is automated, but human participation is considered a necessity. Each employee has a qualification degree, which allows you to perform all tasks with a high degree of responsibility and level of knowledge. Technology and innovative solutions, together with constant and multi-level control, have become the key to the fact that, as a result, the company's products are considered the embodiment of quality and purity.

In addition to the fact that Kalpa Pharmaceuticals launches various painkillers, anti-inflammatory, antiviral drugs, as well as cosmetic and hygiene products on the world market, its products are quite well-known in the world of sports.

The production capabilities of the company allow us to cover a wide range of drugs that help not only restore human health, but also improve it along with physical strength and endurance. These qualities are especially appreciated by professionals and lovers of iron sports. Each drug is made from pure raw materials and is additionally tested for effectiveness, which is an important technological process that allows you to maintain and constantly increase demand for products.

Products and their quality

In addition to a wide range of products, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products are available in various forms, which is of great importance to the end user. Tablets, injections, gels and ointments can be supplemented with such options as ampoules, suppositories, dragees and extracts.

Since the 2000s, the range of products has become much wider, and this applies not only to medicines, but also to sports pharmacology. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals sets prices for manufactured products at the level of affordability for consumers with different levels of material wealth.

Sporting goods are offered a wide enough range, which allows athletes with different levels of training, goals and capabilities to choose the necessary preparation. Universal preparations of the same cope well with the training of athletes in various sports, which is especially appreciated in the sports world.

A thorough check of each drug and a mandatory requirement for compliance with standards and samples allows you to market exclusively high-quality product.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Product Reviews

Reviews from athletes about Kalpa Pharmaceuticals who have already tried the drugs suggest that all products have not only excellent quality, but also efficiency. In the world of sports, each participant pursues his own goals, and regardless of the bar set, various drugs can help.

Only professional trainers who take into account the individual characteristics of each athlete, level of training and experience can calculate the dosage and duration of the course. Regardless of the degree of professionalism, each athlete can choose the drug according to their capabilities among the Kalpa Pharmaceuticals assortment. Among the most obvious advantages of choosing pharmaceuticals, companies name the following:

  • Affordable price.
  • Speed and effectiveness.
  • Availability of drugs in specialized stores.