Oxydine Metabolics

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Oxydine Metabolics began operations in 2003 in Port Louis, Mauritius. Initially, the company was focused on the research and manufacture of medicines for the treatment of various diseases. Later, existing developments were appreciated by critics and practitioners, which gave impetus to further development.

The quality of the drugs was evaluated in medical practice, as they made it possible to completely cure people of serious illnesses, which led to an increase in demand for medicines from Oxydine Metabolics. Having carefully studied the properties of the medicines manufactured by the company, athletes began to use them on the course for building muscles and drying.

The manufacturer did not stop at the success achieved and began to actively conduct research and develop steroid drugs to help athletes quickly achieve their goals. The company also, together with Martinez Nieto, S.A., directed its activities to the production of high-quality sports nutrition and vitamin complexes.

In 2010, Oxydine Metabolics launched a new series of Nutrition products, after opening its office in Spain. Today, the manufacturer is actively working to create new high-quality drugs and food products that meet European standards.

Successful activities of the company are based on the numerous rules that the manufacturer adheres to:

  • All company employees annually undergo continuing education and recertification.
  • After the development of the drug, it is carefully examined for toxicity, stability tests are carried out and put on the market only after approval in the European Union.
  • In the manufacture of products, the company uses only high-quality raw materials of high purity, which eliminates the ingress of toxic components into preparations and food products.
  • Modern Gamma Sterilization technology ensures complete product safety for the buyer.
  • Vials with food are filled with nitrogen, which prevents the oxidation process from manifesting in them.
  • Oxydine Metabolics products do not contain additional components that make it harder for nutrients to enter the body.
  • The manufacturer does not use GMOs in the manufacture of products.
  • Each product of the company undergoes strict supervision by the sanitary and epidemiological services.
  • All products of the company are completely safe for human health and have FCC approval.

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Among athletes, products from Oxydine Metabolics are popular:

  • Drugs that increase testosterone levels: Tribulus, Ecdysterone.
  • Energy: Guarana, Power Speed Extreme, Super Energy.
  • To restore joints and cartilage: Arthro Help.
  • L-Carnitine.
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes: multivitamins, magnesium, royal jelly, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants.
  • BCAA.

Among the steroid drugs in demand by athletes: Stanozolol, Testosterone, Primobolan, Halotestin, Turinabol, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Nadrolon and others.


To protect its customers from buying a fake, Oxydine Metabolics uses state-of-the-art protection. Each product has a unique code, which, when introduced on the manufacturer’s official website, allows you to accurately identify a fake product or original.


Athletes leave positive feedback about Oxydine Metabolics products, since the vitamin complexes and steroid preparations they use are highly effective and of high quality.